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November 6th, the start of the crab fishing season


“Crab dishes” can only be enjoyed for about five months out of a year!

Crab fishing in the Sea of Japan is only allowed from November 6th to March 20th the following year for the conservation of marine resources. The law permits the fishing of male crabs (matsubagani – snow crab) from November 6th to March 20th, and female crabs (sekogani or koppegani) from November 6th to January 10th the following year.
Boarding houses of Amino-cho near crab fishing ports serve creatively prepared dishes so that many day visitors and guests visiting from afar can enjoy crab which is only available for a limited period

Feast on crab dishes prepared with love!

Popular crab dishes enjoyed at inns and guesthouses in Amino-cho include sashimi, grilled, boiled, tempura, roasted in the shell, suki (hot pot, shabu-shabu) and rice porridge.
The best thing about a winter holiday for feasting on crab is that you can smack your lips to piping-hot crab dishes expertly prepared by the chefs of the boarding houses.


Matsubagani – snow crab

Snow crab caught in Tango is tagged according to fishing ports. The labels are color-coded, with green for Taiza/Amino, Kyoto, blue for Tsuiyama, Hyogo, and pink for Shibayama, Hyogo.

Crab dishes you should try when you visit Tango, Kyoto.

  • Crab sashimi

    Crab sashimi

    Crab sashimi looks like a blossoming flower as the flesh opens up like plump petals. Its translucence indicates the freshness of locally sourced crab. You can enjoy its indescribable, melting texture and mellow sweetness.

  • Char-grilled crab

    Char-grilled crab

    Grilled crab in season retaining the right amount of juiciness is one of the popular dishes for its savory aroma and plump flesh when grilled over crackling charcoal flames.

  • Crab tempura

    Crab tempura

    The crispy batter seals in the umami of crab in this excellent dish. Savor the sweetness of crab that comes through cooking. A bite into a piping-hot crab tempura is a thing of bliss. It is best when eaten with Tango salt.

  • Boiled crab

    Boiled crab

    A whole crab dynamically boiled is very visually appealing. It becomes condensed with umami when cooked with salt, and you can enjoy its natural, rich fat and densely packed flesh while piping hot.

  • Crab fat grilled in the shell

    Crab fat grilled in the shell

    Bubbling crab fat grilled in the shell is one of the snow crab dishes we recommend for its strong flavor that fills the mouth which can only be enjoyed during the crab fishing season. You can enjoy it on its own or dip crab sashimi in it. Sake warmed in the shell after the meal treats the customer with a natural and luxurious harmony created by Tango’s crab and choice sake.

  • Crab hot pot

    Crab hot pot

    The springiness of each filament when removing crab meat from its shell indicates its freshness. It becomes sweeter than raw crab meat when cooked in dashi. The ponzu sauce made to complement the crab hot pot accentuates the crab’s umami.

  • Crab porridge

    Crab porridge

    Crab porridge makes the perfect finale for a crab dinner. The combination of dashi packed with the umami of crab, the premium “Tango Koshihikari” rice, which is on par with Niigata Uonuma’s Koshihikari, rinsed to remove the starch, prepared expertly to make the porridge, and the sincerity of professional chefs closes an evening meal in Tango.

  • Sekogani crab

    Sekogani crab

    Female snow crab – sekogani (koppegani) – can be fished from November 6th to the end of the year. Although it is small, it is a favorite among locals for it is packed with the rich flavor and umami characteristic of female crab! Its internal and external os of the cervix are particularly superb!